Essential holiday info

Are you ready? All prepared? All packed?

Your Travel Guru will take care of most things for you, to make your journey a seamless and comfortable one. But there are still a few essentials to bear in mind before you leave, plus the odd extra you might like to consider adding to maximise your travel experience and make the most of your precious time off. The sections below will tell you more.

Before you go

It's worth checking our list of all those little details you need to have sorted before you leave, such as passports, visas and insurance.

To the airport

We can arrange for you to be driven to the airport, you can arrange parking for your own car, while your Travel Guru can arrange for train travel or even a domestic flight to the main airport, if you prefer.

At the airport

Why not relax in style in a lounge at the airport until your flight is ready. We'll make all the arrangements.

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