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Necker Island is a 74 acre paradise set in the British Virgin Islands, so you’d be forgiven for never wanting to leave this beautiful spot, but if you did, the BVIs have a great deal to offer. Everywhere you go, the true barefoot Caribbean awaits you. Made up of sixty idyllic islands, they offer an ocean of great adventure, scenery the word breathtaking was made for and crystal clear waters. Considered one of the top dive destinations in the World, the BVIs also have an amazing nineteen National Parks, one of which is the sunken shipwrecks at Rhone Marine Park. For sport fishing or sailing, there can be few better places, but if all that is too much for you, being encouraged to treat Necker as your home, helping yourself to whatever you want whenever you want, is a rare treat and quite unlike any other hotel you will have stayed in.

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    • This majestic, airy Balinese villa is the hub of the Island, located on Devil’s Hill and boasting panoramic views of the Caribbean, the Atlantic Ocean and neighbouring islands. There are six Balinese style houses which are perfect for tropical seclusion. Drinks and Jacuzzi at the Beach Pool Pavilion.

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    • Following a fire in 2011, the Great House has now been rebuilt and is even more luxurious.
    • ‘Celebration Weeks’ allow guests to book individual rooms at certain times of the year.
    • Guests are encouraged to treat Necker like their own home, and are welcome to help themselves to anything, any time.

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